Janz group


The Janz group consists of the Janz Tec AG, the Janz IT AG and the Janz Beteiligungen und Services AG which is the holding and service body of the other two.

On this website you will find information and news from the Janz group. Please also visit the websites of the other two companies to get specific information on their services and products.


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Janz Tec AG 

Janz Tec AG, has been one of the leading manufacturers of electronic assemblies and complete industrial computer systems since 1982. The company describes itself as "Industrial Computing Architects" and develops embedded PCs, industrial computers and industrial communication according to customer requirements.

With 30 years of experience in the market, Janz Tec AG is capable of meeting individual customer requirements at any time – this starts as early as the concept phase, continues through the development and production of the components up to series delivery.



Janz IT AG 

Wir leben IT Verantworung

… egal ob Sie fünf Server betreiben oder mehr als 500. Egal ob Sie Ihr Rechenzentrum selbst betreiben, unsere Cloud nutzen oder sich von Fall zu Fall entscheiden. Von der Analyse Ihrer IT-Landschaft über die Lieferung und Implementation von zentralen IT-Komponenten und Endgeräten bis zur Übernahme von Verantwortung im täglichen Betrieb.



News from the Janz group